The Fountain of Peace



The Fountain of Peace Project has been in on going development since 1997 and was launched publicly April 10, 2010. The Fountain’s base is made of stainless steel, there is 7 silver covered copper towers that represent the contents of the world. The crown stone of each tower is a BC Jade Healing Stone. The symbolism is that the water will flow over the healing stones and over the stones from all over the world. The stones on the fountain have been donated by people who have heard of the project along with each school the fountain visited the children placed a wish for peace in the stone then donated it to the fountain.

In the spring of 2011, Kathleen Arnason set out across Canada with The Fountain of Peace Project. She visited early middle year schools from British Columbia to Nova Scotia with the goal to raise peace consciousness and speak to the school children about how peace was not just the absence of war and how personal peace =world peace.

When she arrived at the school the children helped build the fountain reordering the towers and stones creating a new world without borders. The schools she visited held an assembly. At the assembly, Kathleen shared with the students how each and everyone one of them had their own world and that was the world they had the power to change. By changing from reacting to acting in situations could make the difference between coming from a place of fear or coming from a place of peace. Prior to the fountain’s visit, the students had prepared presentations that about what peace meant to them, a description of the kind of world they wanted to live in and what they did or where they went to feel at peace.

Approximately 400 students out of the 10,000 the fountain visited were interviewed and those interviews recorded. 80% of the students stated they went to nature to find a place to feel Peaceful. When the children closed their eyes and described the kind of world they wanted to live in the majority saw green grass, flowers, blue skies, people smiling and being kind to each other, recycling, some saw rainbows.

The Fountain spent a year at Merridale Cidery near Duncan BC and was used as a water source for the bees to help support the restoration of our native bees. The most exciting aspect of its stay here is the symbolism around the bee’s pollinating the world with love! Just another chapter in The Fountains Story.

The Fountain of Peace has become the foundation for the World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature and the design of the summit was taken directly from the information the children shared with Kathleen. Please visit The World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature website to learn about this exciting project.