John and K  Naked (a book of erotic poetry)

(Kathleen and Jon Gerrard (the coolest politician ever ) at the book signing at McNally Robinsons)

I wrote naked because I felt the need to address and honour my own sensuality.  I also feel sensuality is seldom spoken about and I find that a bit sad.  I believe one can be at war with love or at peace with love and with ourselves.  For me the quality and trust one has in themselves reflects their ability to have the same trust in a relationship with another, especially an intimate one.  It is my intention that Naked be a series of poems that breaks the norm and addresses everyone’s freedom to be themselves.

Below is an excerpt from Naked – I wrote this after being at a fundraiser.  David stood up and told the audience that he still had music left in his hands after playing a benefit a previous night.   I could not let go of the idea he still had music in his hand or the longing and sensual way he looked at his wife who was playing the violin .

The Pianist

Play for me

The music

In your hands

The music

Left not played

The remnants

Of the melody

Finish now

What you began

Let not

This conversation

With my senses linger

Play for me

Until your soul is done

Tell me then

Of what you have

Left unsaid

Paint for me

A picture

Of your thoughts

Let it flow

With every stroke

Upon the keys

Let it reflect

The colours

Of your dreams

Gift me life

Let me live on

Be insatiable

Of thought

Allow the song

It’s freedom

To sing

The music

                                                        Of your love                   ©-    June 19,2004


The_lake( Sunset on Lake Winnipeg by Tomas Hurlburt)

The Voice of the Lake was written after I set out to interview folks who lived and worked on Lake Winnipeg.  I call this my  $3,000 dollar poem.  What I thought would be a book of short stories turned into this poem.  There is no doubt in my mind that Lake Winnipeg has a voice.  One day when I was working on an erosion study of Lake Winnipeg I was stopped by a graph of one hundred years of Manitoba Hydro’s levels of Lake Winnipeg.  The graph looked like a polygraph.  It was at that moment I was inspired to create the project ” The Voice of the Lake”  which is a 45-minute symphonic interpretation of Lake Winnipeg done by composer Andrew Balfour of Winnipeg. (To learn more see Projects – The Voice of the Lake)

The Voice of the Lake

( The Poem)

Who calls me?

Is it me you want?

I recognize your voice,

Your language

Is not foreign to my ear.

You call to me,

Is it me you love?

Shall I immerse myself?

Loose me,

Or find me.

Within your love.

You call to me,

Enticing me

With promises

Of celestial dreams.

With mirrored reflections

Of boarders

Which do not qualify

My return.

You call to me,

Will you

Wait for me?

Do you listen’

For my footsteps

As they slip and slide

Upon your frozen breath?

You call to me

Candling crystal flutes,

Whistling tunes

Of springtime.

You cry for me.

To free you,

And meld our skins.

You call to me,

What of these stories

Do I believe?

You whisper of soft breezes,

Gentle lullabies.

This love you speak of,

Is it pure?

This promise

To protect and keep me safe,


In you I trust?

You call to me,

At break of day

With diamond beads of sweat

Glistening on your face.

Am I your mistress?

Is that why,

You offer me the moonlight

Of your nights?

You call to me,

When raging gales

Allow no man to sleep.

Do you call this love?

I see no place for me,

To wrap my arms around,

And devour you

In passion kept for Kings!

You call to me,

Whose voice

Becomes the echo

Of our undreamed dreams?

And tears Ihave shed,

For fear,

The Echo,

And the voice

Reflecting off the surface

Of earth’s blood,

Is mine.

You call to me,

I stand before you


So you can see,

The rhythm and complexion

Of my life.

You call to me,

Dare I,

Love myself

As much as I love you?

You call to me,

Your hearts desire.

You are my heart’s desire.

You are my landscape!

You are my Voice!

The Voice of the Lake


The Wedding Wait

I had a dream, and in this dream, a women came walking out of the lake and her body was made of clay and her face was made of stone.  I have been sculpting her ever since.  I have created about 20 stone women and give them away as gifts.  The above picture is the image of stone women I gifted as a wedding present to a dear friend of mine.  I call her the Wedding Lady.

Stone Woman

I can be touched

I do not feel

I can be thrown

                                                I know not where I land

                                               I can be carved

                                                  I have more than one form

                                                 I am connected to everything

                                             And a part of nothing

                                           I can be crushed

                                           And can crush

                                          I can bring luck

                                           I am not lucky

                                           When given away

                                           I am a gift of hope

                                            I am held by many

                                           Understood by few

                                             I will watch over you

                                                But never tell you what to do

                                             I have been given to you

                                              You will never own me

                                                I am the keeper of your story

                                     Not the teller

                                        I am a Stone Woman