About KGA P&P

About KGA Publishing & Production – Kathleen is a Developmental Idea Editor  

Developmental Idea Editors are concerned with giving your idea structure, then developing the con­tent bringing focus and direction to your book, project or video advertisement. I help you with the big picture creating a working map and guide you through each aspect.

100% of the royalties go straight to the author. What sets KGA apart from most Indie Publishing Companies is we have a team that takes the writer from idea to book.  Kathleen Arnason has developed a coaching practice that helps writers start and stay focused.  She is committed to nurturing and supporting the writer through her successful program called Y Write!  

Our team at KGA also build websites and manage social media for those looking for support – for more information please CLICK HERE

Writing a book is a bit like getting one tattoo.  One tattoo is never enough! 

Drop me a note so we can have a conversation!  arnasonk@gmail.com or call 778-678-6115


As a writing coach, I  work with you in an uplifting motivational manner.  I am an expert in the use and practice of Appreciative Inquiry techniques as a catalyst for positive change.   It is from this intimate place of understanding I developed –  “The Core Inquiry”. ( see Core Inquiry below) .  I do a personal one on one Core Inquiry interview with each of my clients.  This way we both know what strengths will support you in writing your book from beginning to end.  

I have worked with numerous writers who have realized their dreams of becoming published authors.  Many have gone on to motivational public speaking and created workshops related to their books.  I have personal and professional experience in writing biographies, novels, children’s books, poetry books and self-help inspirational books.  I love working with folks who are passionate about their story and willing to put the work in to make their dream come true.  I care as much about your book as you do and my commitment is equal to yours. 

The Y -Write management team is made up of talented editors, graphic designers and illustrators who are all available to you on your journey. For more information go to the Y-Write Management Team Page – Click Here                   arnasonk@gmail.com or call 778-678-6115


The  Core Inquiry

A Core Inquiry is a gift you give yourself that lasts a lifetime!

What you discover about yourself through your own stories will be extraordinary!

In addition to in-person inquiries, I am now offering clients the opportunity to experience a Personal Core Inquiry from the comfort of your home or office via skype or phone.  I am talking quantum leaping and landing on solid ground!

A Personal Core Inquiry will prepare you to take on the world.   The Core Inquiry identifies your core strengths that you will identify through your story – these strengths are the foundation of who you are.  Your life will never be the same in a very, very good way.

I am confident in this process and guarantee your satisfaction.  You also receive a digital report of the interview.  The Core Inquiry is a Life Changing Experience!

CONTACT ME NOW!  arnasonk@gmail.com    Subject Line: Core Inquiry