Kathleen Gail Arnason

Queen’s Jubilee Medal 

Canadian Best Selling Author, Developmental Idea Editor, Writing Coach, Public Speaker, Website Designer, Social Media Manager, Producer & Publisher, Fundraiser and Volunteer, Researcher

Kathleen is the Founder and President of KGA Publishing & Production where she works as a Developmental Idea Editor  & Writer

  •  Developmental Idea Editors are concerned with giving your idea structure, then developing the con­tent bringing focus and direction to your book, project or video advertisement.  Kathleen takes it a step further by offering to develop original ideas based on your needs – creating a working map of the big picture and guide you through each aspect.

Kathleen is a beat selling Canadian Author with eleven published books.  She has many years of experience as a fundraiser, specializing in designing brand campaign plans, along with new ways to build donor and volunteer bases.

Kathleen has developed and managed major international, national and regional projects across Canada and spent years in tourism and community development.   She has a background in research and has been involved with numerous provincial and federal studies related to the Environment, Canadian Aboriginal, Metis and First Nations Health and Women’s Health and Safety.

Kathleen is the recipient of The Queen’s Jubilee Medal – presented for her work in Arts and Culture and The Victoria Hospitality Award and is member of the Oak Bay Rotary Club.

A Personal note from Kathleen

I was born in Gimli, a small town north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

My after school hours were filled with playing Kick the Can, Annie Annie Over, Dodge Ball and Hide and Seek.  This is a glimpse into the freedom I had as a child.  This allowed me to imagine and create worlds far beyond the outskirts of our little square mile town.  The lake, the fields, the creeks, and the marshes were our playground.  

I would probably be described as a free spirit.  I am gluttonous about creating.  I become excited when I see the light go on in another person when they embrace the creative in themselves.  My fairy dust wish for its magic would be the ability to be happy doing something just because you love it – not because someone else says its great!

I have two son’s who are my inspiration and reason I became a writer – Joseph and Tomas, the lights of my life! You both make the world a better place and I am proud you call Me mom!

Wander around the site and please, if you feel so inclined, drop me a note.  I love to hear from folks!




Jan Willoughby
If you are thinking about writing a book or writing anything please know Kathleen Arnason is the very best coach you can have.

Kathleen will inspire your creativity. You will be taken on a journey of extreme soul searching and she will bring out talent within yourself you never knew existed.
Kathleen coached me as I was writing my first novel, ‘The Gate’. It is a true story about abuse. There were many very difficult parts to my story and she patiently guided me through those times. The book was launched on May 11, 2016. I never dreamed I would be able to complete this work and without Kathleen, I know it would not have come to fruition.

Alice Graham

I have worked Kathleen twice now. We are in the process of getting my second book published. She encourages you to dig deep into yourself and gives excellent ideas and guidance. She is an amazing mentor as well. You are fortunate to have her coaching you



The Queen`s Jubilee Medal – presented for my work in Arts and Culture

The Victoria Hospitality Award

hospitality awrard2           hospitality award 3          hospitality award 1          hospitality award5

 Organization Board Appointments

  • Director Gimli Film Festival 
  • President of the Prairie Ocean Centre of the Arts Corp
  • President of the Liberal Women’s Commission in Manitoba
  • Member of the Manitoba Liberal Executive
  • Manitoba 125 Committee Member- Manitoba Government
  • Vice-Chairperson for the Interlake Women’s Resource Centre
  • Gimli Heritage Committee
  • National Trust for Land and Culture Canada